Spaceborne Don Pettit is a NASA astronaut. He took these pictures during his mission which offer us a different perspective to enjoy the scenery of the earth. 1.We have seen so many startrail photos on the Internet, but startrial above the earth is seldom to see. 2.Aurora 3.Spacecraft 4.The earthContinue Reading

1.Making rainbow over “rainbow”. Tulip field in the Netherlands. 2.Namtso A mountain lake in the Tibet Autonomous Rigion of China. 3.A flock flies over the black sand on the Icelandic coast. Zack Seckler 4.Black rain frog Nick name: The angry avocado 5.Nembrotha cristata 6.Metasepia pfefferi When two fish approached aContinue Reading

Scarlet Johanson God, she is so hot. I love her and her body so much eventhongh I am a woman too. She did so good in many movies. Will anyone reject her invitation? I’d say NO. I think I would not be able to control my heartbeat if she actuallyContinue Reading

Have you ever blinked slowly in front of your cat? Do you know the slow blink in fact means a smile? This study provides the first systematic investigation of the role of slow blink behaviour in cat–human communication. A slow blink may be a way of expressing goodwill between catsContinue Reading