The 3 stages of chatting up a girl lead you to love step by step

It’s hard for many men to pick up a girl they don’t know. They don’t know the ways, and they make some unsuccessful attempts. Have you ever seen a boy who uses a bad magic trick to attract girls’ attention? These people think they are handsome, and it that girls are smiling but actually they make complaints in their minds, thinking that what wrong is with this person. Unless this person is really handsome. But in fact, we are just ordinary people. Not everyone has Chris Evans’s face and body, right? Gentlemen, my advice is that the best way is to behave naturally.

1. Start a conversation with a help.

Timely find out when a girl needs help. For example, she can’t reach the books on the shelf, or she has too many things to open the door.

If it’s in the first case, you can ask her after you help her get the book, “Do you like the author of this book, too? I also like this writer very much. I especially like the book xxx written by this writer…”

So you have more communication. At least by this time you have succeeded in making girls remember you.


And if it’s in the second case, you can ask her, “Do you live near here? ”She said yes. You can say, “You look very inconvenient, can I help you? I live near here, too.”

Remember, be polite and gentlemanly, and don’t let girls think you are a stalker. Then, when you two walk together on the way home, you can talk about some topics about your place. For example, you can complain about the unreasonable greening nearby, and there are too many cars on the road, which is not convenient for walking. This topic usually resonates with people. At this time, she puts down her guard against you. You can talk about a new restaurant nearby. “It’s very good, especially…” Food is also an eternal topic of human beings. You can even successfully invite her to dinner.

2. In depth contact

With the previous contact, you are now in the stage of knowing but not being acquainted with each other. After the first meeting, you made the girl remember you. Whether it’s about literature or food, you must have a topic that will remind her of you next time and have something to discuss.

Whether it’s a deliberate encounter or a chance encounter, it’s a very important move for you. This time, you should consciously make an appointment with her for the third-time meeting.

For example, in the first case I said, you can tell her you know a sharing meeting of that writer, and you have two tickets. But your friends are bored with this, and no one wants to go with you. So you want to invite her to go with you. Such an invitation is not generally rejected.

While in the second case, you can say you have to buy something for the company, but you are not familiar with this aspect and ask her for help. Or you can invite her to go to the supermarket directly, because you don’t like to go to the supermarket alone, and you can help her to carry things by the way.

If she has a pet, you can invite her to walk the dog. This will naturally increase your time being together.

3. Be familiar with each other

After you get to know each other, you need some words to make the ladies happy. The simplest way is to praise her. But some praise will make girls disgusted, for example, some men have no sense of propriety, they say some improper words to unfamiliar people like “Your body is really hot!” I admit that some girls don’t mind, but many girls don’t like to be examined by strangers. So, you have to find a good point.

If you praise her for her good-looking, you can say that her clothes match well today, her coat and skirt color matching is just right, or lipstick color is very good. It makes girls think you have a certain taste, not boys who can’t tell the colors of chili (MAC) and 999 (Dior).


Now that you are friends, this is the end of the chat up technique. In the following articles, I will continue to share my communication skills. Thanks for reading.

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