Girls hate these 6 behaviors of guys in bed, have you done them before?

The bed is the most warm corner of the house. It is the most relaxing time for us when lying in bed. Therefore, some people say that you can see the real character of a man by the way he looks in bed. A boy who is willing to treat you seriously and gently in bed will not be too bad in his life. For many girls, they can’t stand these 6 kinds of performance of boys in bed. Come and see if you’ve got it?

1. Unsanitary

Go to bed directly after coming back from outside without taking bath. Lying in bed, smoking and making the ash all over the place. The whole room was made like a battlefield that had been attacked by biological and chemical weapons. Greasy head, greasy face, mouth without brushing teeth make girls unable to kiss him.


2.Chatting with other girls on the back of their girlfriends in bed.

Answer someone else’s phone, reply to someone else’s message on WhatsApp, or even want to play a game.

Ugh, you can’t wait for three minutes. Is it hard to concentrate?

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3 Concentrate on playing mobile phone games, and never care what the girl is saying, what to do.

He doesn’t want to give even a look on her.

Girls occasionally want to communicate with him, or interest to do something, he silently refused.

The woman changes her delicate make-up and asks him: do I look good in this dress? Do you think I’m different today?

She will only get from him just one sentence “Well, looks good.” not to raise a head perfunctory: 

When he ignores you, he can see what you are wearing or not.

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4 Eat snacks in bed, with dregs on the bed, and never change the bed sheet in time.

Melon seed skin, bread crumbs, potato chips residue He used to not feel uncomfortable, but the girl was stabbed to really hurt.


5 Only think about himself

Some men do not respect girls, regardless of their feelings, and regard girls as tools to vent. They don’t have foreplay, or foreplay is short. When he wants, a girl must satisfy him, but when a girl wants sex, whether to do depends on his mood.



6 Self righteous

There are a lot of boys who like to imitate some characters in porn, such as being rude to their girlfriends.

In fact, girls don’t like to be rough. I mean, who’s going to like it!? at least no one likes it normally.

Don’t be influenced by porn, do some pulling girls’ hair, pressing girls’ heads and so on!

No means no. The correct way is to pay attention to the girl’s mood, be gentle.

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