Some boys have a narrow social circle and don’t know how to speak with high EQ or coax girls. They want to meet girls, but they don’t know when and how to chat up. Here are some ways to chat up, which I would like to recommend to you. I hope I can help you. In addition, girls who are curious about how boys chat up can also have a look.


Take full use of your waiting time

When you are on business or traveling, you will inevitably encounter the situation of flight delay. At this time, you can look around to see if there are girls who are alone. See, may as well ask the other party is also taking your flight, or whether the flight is also late. If so, your topic is closer. If not, you can complain to each other a little bit. You can probably extend the topic.

Praise her

When you talk to someone, you usually admire the perfume, taste or hairstyle of the other person. When you praise each other, it’s easy to let them down their vigilance. If you are lucky, you can also get the praise from the other party. Even if it’s polite, the other party will give you a smile, you can quickly chat up success.

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In a surprising way

If you walk on the street and see a girl you like, you might as well go forward and ask about the time arrangement of the other party and talk with the other party. When the other party does not hide but tells you the time, you can naturally boldly put forward that there will be a movie to watch. The best way to chat up with a girl is this. You may try it.

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Now, do you get the usual ways of how boys chatting up with girls? Get to know your girl. Maybe fate will come in your initiative. Walk out and find someone. A homework: try to know a girl online by yourself, and I will tell you some ways of how to chat with girls online in next article. Check whether you do right or not.

Notice: The next article is about how to chat online.

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