Pick-up skills – 3 tips tell you how to pursue a girl you just met


A lot of guys are worried about how to pursue a girl he has just met. They think it’s not good to disturb her rashly. However, this idea is wrong. If we don’t disturb her, there will always be other guys to chat up. Therefore, there is a lot of knowledge about chasing girls.

Pick up technique 1: Keep a sense of mystery

Chasing girls’ knowledge is like playing cards. When we don’t know each other’s cards, we will be interested in playing. If you exposed your cards at the beginning, then everyone can see at a glance, what else to play? So it’s the same with chasing girls. You should learn to keep a certain sense of mystery. When you are just ordinary friends, it doesn’t matter to chat or play games. You should slowly attract her in the process.

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Pick up tip 2: Try to test her interest in you by chatting

How to pursue a girl you have just met? Take a little time to chat with this girl every day. It is better to chat with this girl when both of you are free, because you will ignore a lot of information when you are busy. When you chat with her, if she only answers you “Um”, “Oh”, “OK” every time, it means that she is not interested in your topic. Then you can try to switch to relaxing topics like food. If she’s still not interested at all, it’s likely that you won’t be able to touch her in the end.

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Pick up skill 3: Learn to use imperative sentences

Interrogative sentences are often used between boys and girls, but in fact, girls tend to dislike them. A lot of girls don’t like to make choices. They prefer boys to make plans for them. If she is not satisfied, she can change it at any time. So the imperative sentence can tell a girl that it is the final decision if she doesn’t make a statement. But the question will make the girl feel that you don’t know her and know nothing about it.

For example, when you two are going to watch a movie, don’t ask her what she’d like to watch, only tell her “Let’s watch Lalaland.” No interrogative.

And when you are going to have dinner, tell her “Let’s go to xxx” instead of asking her what to eat. In addition, you’d better make a list of restaurants that she may be interested in.

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How to pursue a girl you have just met? You should know how to use the above skills. It’s better to act now than never. I’ll wait for you guys’ good news.

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