Follow these 5 tips, make girls want to kiss you!

We all know that in most cases boys take the initiative to kiss girls, but sometimes boys want to be kissed by girls. So how to improve the attractiveness of men and let women kiss him actively? Try these techniques – when you do these things, girls can’t help but want to kiss you!

1.The quiet details of life

Show the knuckled fingers, tie the buttons of the shirt slowly; let the girls blow your hair after the bath; use your slender fingers to play the guitar.

These actions will make the girl can’t help but want to kiss you, push to kiss on the bed!

2.Appropriate jealousy

At dinner, you met a boy who had chased your girlfriend. You can be generous and gentlemanly at dinner. When you get home, you can act like a child in front of your girlfriend, pretend to have a little temper, ask her to help you pour water, and then tell her that your ear itches. All in all, it attracted her attention like a child’s tantrum.

Put on a jealous face but don’t go too far, and this will let your girlfriend think you are very cute.

If your girlfriend doesn’t comfort you, you can hang your head on her shoulder. You can follow her wherever she goes, pestering her to make up for your hurt little heart. She can’t help wanting to kiss you when she sees you aggrieved and lovely.

3.Warm behaviors in life

Always remember to hold her tightly when you sleep, just like holding your favorite toy. If she escape your arm because of the heat, you can mumble and pretend to be discontented, then turn around and hold her tight in your arms.

In the morning, when she is not awake, you can gently touch her head and help her tuck in the quilt corner. She will feel it.

Such intimate and warm behaviors will make girls want to kiss you.

4.Show your kindness

When encountering a stray dog, you can often bring some snacks to it. Take your girlfriend to see the dog. When you can’t find a dog, you are very sad. Your girlfriend will love you more because of your kindness, and want to kiss you, hug you to make you not so sad.

5. Only see her, only care about her.

When your girlfriend is sitting in the co pilot’s seat, you can lean over to help her fasten her seat belt and surround her with your fresh breath.

When she eats, stare at her quietly , show shyness and smile when she found out your sight.

When you play basketball, look for her in the crowd immediately when you score, smile at her.

When walking together, take all her luggage and bags, and don’t make her tired at all.

On the street, if her shoelaces are open you can naturally attach yourself to help her lace her shoes.

These details are all evidence of deep love, which can make your girl kiss you. Try them! And you can share some romantic stories happening between you and your lover.

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