3 versions of flirting help lovers to get closer

One of the key techniques for warming up a relationship through a date is learning to flirt.
Flirting is a way to quickly shorten the distance between the two sides. If you learn to flirt, the relationship between two people will be easy to upgrade.

1.First stage of flirting–Love talk

For example, when you meet, she wears a dress or other clothes. You can say, “Oh, this dress doesn’t look good.” (slightly regretful tone). She might think: is my dress not up to standard, very bad?
When she is a little bit depressed and unhappy, then you can say: “But it is still very pretty on my baby.”

Eventually, you still praise her, but this is much better than you directly praise her beautiful.

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2.Advanced version of flirting: Charming eyes

That is, the method of eye contact. Don’t just stare at women all the time. If you do that, women will only think you are a pervert. 
What we need to do, we can have a smile in our eyes when we have a meal, look at the girl you like with a little shyness and gaze for a moment. Be noticed by her, and when your four eyes meet, quickly move away from your eyes, and pretend to bow your head or turn to the side. It can also be accompanied by raising your hair or pursing your lips to increase your attractiveness.

After 3 ~ 5 seconds to look up at her, this time you can slightly aggressive and discharge feeling, increase the cardiac index.

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3.High level version of flirting: Mysterious sexual attraction

3.1 You can use some charming and appropriate actions to catalyze your relationship and grasp the heart feeling of electric light flint.

For example, you have a beautiful chin. While you are talking, gently rub your chin.

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3.2 If you have a perfect figure, you can roll up your shirt sleeves to reveal your strong arm muscles.

Pay attention to the faint perfume on your clothes. When you approach her, you will gently float out the fragrance.

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3.3 Another example is when you watch a movie in the cinema. 

When she reaches for popcorn, you can do this with her at the same time and touch his hand inadvertently. The sudden touch will increase the heart rate, but it will also make the other party at a loss. So at this time, in order to resolve the “small embarrassment”, you can naturally feed her popcorn into your mouth, and then playfully and coquettishly say, “well, it’s delicious, thank you“

It’s also good to whisper to him when you watch a movie, because talking too loud will affect other people. If you talk too loud, you can’t hear it. You can only whisper it in your ear. So it’s a great opportunity. But pay attention to breath first and then sound (fresh breath).

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Above are some flirting tips for making lovers closer to each other.

It’s very important to learn how to flirt in the early stage of love, because once you miss the best time to flirt, you may miss her.

In addition, I also prepared some skills to know and communicate with women better. You can pay attention to my website if you like. I will send out in the follow-up. Thanks for reading.

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