“After chatting online for 400 days, we finally get married!”

I received an email from Sam, a loyal fan who has followed me since I started to write emotional articles. As mentioned in the email, “You won’t believe this. Even I feel incredible. The girl and I have been chatting for 400 days on the internet, and now we get finally ready for marrying. I never thought a romantic relationship would happen to me. I’m going to get married, thank you for your advice to find the lover I want to spend the rest of my life with…

I feel happy for him. Sam is an introverted man. He’s a great reader of articles. The first message he left on Whatsapp to me was that he hoped I could help him solve his emotional problems. Before following me on Quora, he just recovered from a broken relationship which made his introverted personality more serious. He was afraid to expect love. In his life, he is a person who attaches great importance to feelings, but at the same time, he also had a very serious problem: he was not good at communication, and dare not look straight into the eyes of the girls when talking with the girls in real life.

Considering his personality, I gave him a suggestion: try to make friends online. On the one hand, it can improve his communication skills; on the other hand, it can avoid his shortcomings and build up self-confidence more quickly. Most people may think that online love is unrealistic and unreliable. Maybe Sam had the same idea, and he hesitated about my suggestion. I told him: what is not reliable is never online love, but people. The Internet is just a way to meet people to fall in love with. What matters is the person in a relationship. After thinking, he finally got the courage to accept my proposal. After a period of time, Sam suddenly told me that he met a very cute girl on an BothLive.

Here are the details he told me and he agreed to share his love story with you guys.


I used to think that I would never meet the person who made me fall in love again. Forgive me for thinking that way. But I really listened to your suggestion. I said I would try it. After all, no one wants to be alone for a lifetime. After that conversation, I chose a comprehensive social app. Remember? The one I told you before. When I opened the app, I received a chat invitation automatically matched by the system, and then I clicked on the “video chat” option. The moment the chat screen was connected, I was immediately attracted by her smiling face.

It was our first chat and we were all very happy.

She’s live on that platform – everyone can. Later, I would always enter into her live room. Her live room has always been peaceful and powerful. I don’t know if it’s because of the screen, you will fantasize about the good of the person across the network. Sometimes she would take out a book, read quietly with light music, or share scenes of her cooking. When she’s in a hurry, I’ll worry about whether she’ll get hurt.

Later I learned that she would use her spare time to do a live broadcast. Because sometimes she will feel bored, so she wants to chat with other people and share her life simply. We basically chat every day, and the topics we talk about will be far and wide. (I recommend that app to you again here.)

I became a loyal audience of her.

We really got to know each other a lot, and I even had the idea that she would be my girlfriend. Who wouldn’t want to. So I took advantage of her to go downstairs to pick up things, sent her a message: “Sorry, so late to meet you. Will you be with me?” But she didn’t reply. I thought she didn’t see it.

I began to be afraid, you know what? It was that kind of feeling. I was afraid that if I opened my mouth and said that sentence, she would stop talking to me, and we might not even be friends.

In the evening, I watched her start the live broadcast. She dressed very well today. She quietly held a book and began to read. She would also share interesting clips with others. She’s really beautiful.

“Today I received a confession from a man. I didn’t reply in writing because I wanted to tell him face to face. I don’t know if I have a chance to say what I want to say. “She said with a smile,

“I’m glad I didn’t miss you. Yes, I will.”

We finally established the relationship. I stayed up all night that night. That feeling of excitement and ecstasy made me feel my heart beating in my chest for the first time in a way that I could feel. I sat by my bed, from night till dawn, when the first sunshine came into my room, I made up my mind that I would go to see her! That week was probably the longest week in my life, and I was anxious to see her every day. I went to the mall for the first time since the last relationship ended. I called bought a new leather jacket, new jeans, a new razor and a bottle of perfume. Before meeting her, I had a new hairstyle the day before. I hope to meet the people I love best in my life. That day, the day I saw her, I will never forget that day. I really took her hand and held her in my arms. Since then, her Camellia scented shampoo has been lingering in my nose. At that moment, I vowed that even if the world was destroyed, I would always hold her hands.

Sam and the girl he met online made a relationship. What happened next? I will tell you in next article.

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