Having a first date? Wait, remember these!

After chatting for such a long time, you finally made an appointment with the girl. You’re excited and you wish that you could make a good impression on her through this date and then your relationship can go a long way.

You’ve got everything planned, what clothes to wear, where to eat, and even humorous anecdotes to say at dinner. You thought that it must be a very romantic and perfect first date. But if you’re constantly criticizing your ex in your spare time waiting for meals, your new relationship is almost dead.

Many times we spend a lot of time thinking about what we should do on a first date, but we forget to think about what we shouldn’t do on a first date. Maybe that’s what makes you go wrong.

1.Don’t be late

If you want to make a good impression on your first date, please prepare yourself and give yourself enough time to complete your work. You don’t want to tell a girl “there’s one last bit of work to do” or show up in front of her with your gym bag on your back, right?

If you’re really late, you need to dress appropriately even if you’re not at your best. When people are late, they tend to panic. In fact, every little thing you do on your first date is scored, so hopefully you don’t do anything that make girls have a bad impression.

2.Don’t overdo it

Everything should be done appropriately, right? Maybe you’re really hungry, but spaghetti at Olive Garden is not a good idea. Don’t drink too much. A glass or two can help you to be good, but once you drink six vodka with soda, it’s possible that good things can turn into bad ones.

When you want your conversation to flow naturally, make sure you don’t stay on a topic for too long. Of course, you may be a crazy fan of game of thrones, but it’s important to know that your date may not be acting out of politeness. She doesn’t say anything doesn’t mean she likes the topic you’re talking about.

3.Don’t always look down on your mobile phone

When eating with others, it’s better to mute mobile phone. If you don’t choose to mute because you’re worried about missing important messages, at least make sure your phone doesn’t ring very often. Also, don’t always look at your mobile phone from time to time, or even play. This will make people think that you want to end the date as soon as possible, and this behavior is disrespectful to others.

4.Don’t be too rude

It seems simple but sometimes our rudeness may not even be realized by ourselves. For example, always interrupt other people’s conversation, or try to be a teacher despite other’s will. You can interrupt the conversation occasionally, but don’t interrupt the conversation too many times or give emotional judgment.

5.Don’t take the topics too seriously

It’s very important to have the same interests and outlook on life. Some topics may end in controversy, but it’s not a good idea to discuss such a serious topic on the first date.

Once you are comfortable to be with each other, your conversation will be more sincere. You don’t want to tell he all the bad things that have happened recently on a first date, right? You’re dating someone you’re interested in, so don’t let the atmosphere get discordant.

6.Don’t get too excited

It’s great to be able to date someone you like, but don’t get too excited. People are more likely to make mistakes when they are excited. You don’t want your excitement to ruin your carefully prepared date. In addition, your excitement will expose your sense of need. If the other party is not so fond of you, when she sees you so excited, she may feel that you are not challenging and her attitude towards you may be greatly reduced.

7.Don’t force

Your plan is to go to a restaurant for dinner, and then to a quiet bar for a drink. But she tells you that she has something else to do and may have to go first. Although your first date seems to have ended very early, don’t worry, and don’t try to force it, because your understanding and tolerance will help you.

Moreover, the success of dating does not depend on the length of time, as long as it is done well in other links, it will also give girls a good memory.

8.Tell the truth, but don’t say anything

On a first date, remember never to lie, because once you lie, you will need a thousand lies to cover it, and lying is like a snowball, will become bigger and bigger until it destroys the relationship between you. But that doesn’t mean you have to tell her everything in your life at once. After all, isn’t it time for you to have a second date?

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