Things you should do when you have a first date

The first date is very important, because it dictates whether you can have further development. Therefore, you need read these tips before you have a first date.

1. Take care of your appearance before dating

If you want to date without embarrassment, you’d better have a good start. The first impression is very important, so you should get a suitable hairstyle, clothes, pants, shoes to match well. Don’t keep too long fingernails. Keep your face clean and look simple, clean and refreshing.

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2. Some topics can be prepared appropriately

If you’re afraid of dating embarrassment, you’d better think about what you can talk about in advance. The travel that you have had, something interesting at work and the movies that have been shown recently, can all be your topic of conversation.

However, it should be noted that the topic should be relaxing and pleasant. Don’t come up and talk about the heavy topics of your ex’s love history. Remember, it’s your first date, and people don’t know you well.

3. Do something together

In addition to chatting topics, you might as well prepare some small games in advance, such as using cards and coins to prepare a small magic trick. The main purpose is to participate in the game with her to ease the embarrassing atmosphere. Remember, don’t force her to play games with you if she’s not willing to do it. When two people finish something together, they will interact in the process, and the relationship will go further.

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4. Choose an appropriate place to date

For a first date, it is recommended to find a quiet place where you can go to the park together, but you should not sit still on the park chair. Instead, you should walk around or sit on the swing and let your body move, so that both of you can eliminate tension. Just talk about the questions that everyone likes. Or you can go to a romantic restaurant where you can talk.

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5. Avoid boasting

On a first date, if you only give an overview of your personal situation, you can leave a sense of mystery and make her look forward to meeting you next time. On the contrary, being too pushy will make her think that you are an emotional dependent person and not willing to have in-depth contact with you.

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