What is failure to you?

Genarally speaking, living an unhappy life is failure to me.

But what is an unhappy life?

When I was at school, I went to class just like everyone else, listened carefully to the teachers(sometimes not), got average results, had few friends. I got nothing special in my school days.

I was admitted to an unpopular major of an average university, still went to class or library everyday. Sometimes I studied hard, but for most of the time, I couldn’t move my eyes off the phone. I wanted to studied harder, but every time I came back to the dormitory, I wasted my time on TV shows or games. Of course I didn’t get achievement during my university days.

After I gratuated, I didn’t find a job immediately. I told my mother that I wanted to have a graduate education. But I didn’t try my best to prepare for the examination.

A year later, I finally had to get a job, because my families were unhappy to see me to idle about.

The job I got was nothing to do with my major, but I didn’t have a choice. I struggled everyday to feed my stomach and the rent.

Things didn’t go in a diffrent way until I find something I am interested. I realized that maybe I could write something, eventhough I didn’t know much writing skills. Otherwise, I fell in love with the starry sky. It made me feel ease. I think my life has just begun.

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