Something girls want to get from guys

My friend, Lily, has been in a relationship recently. She often shares with me the details of her relationship. Yesterday evening, when she came back from her date with a happy face, she told me, “Sister, he just sent me home. After saying goodbye to me, he stroked my head. Do you understand what it feels? My heart is going to jump out! My God! That’s so sweet!”

I think every girl in love has such a moment. Sometimes an inadvertent little action of you can make her feel sweet for a long time.

Girls all hope their love is sweet, and sometimes they hope each other to do something to add more sweetness to their relationship. There are things they won’t tell you, but they really want you to do which requires you to find out what they really want from their little gestures.

I have asked a lot of girls: when you are in love, what does your boyfriend do to make you particularly happy?

They gave the answers:

1.More intimate little gestures

Like Lily, many girls said that they like their boyfriend’s touches, kabedon, being lifted up in the arms, forceful kiss, and hug her from behind.

man hugging woman while standing on snowy weather

Because she would feel that her boyfriend at that time was so powerful that she was like a little princess protected by him, warmly and lovely.

Some girls said that they want their boyfriends to hold her down, let her sit down, and then tie her hair. Some girls like to let the boys help her draw her eyebrows, which shows a kind of lingering and tenderness.

She will be shy and to say these intimate little gestures, but if you do and look at her shy and warm face, you know that this is exactly what she wants.

2. More exclusive benefits

As your girlfriend, she wants to be different. If you give the same as others, then she doesn’t want it.

When she is in love with you, she hopes that you can introduce her to everyone, and she will declare sovereignty childishly.

She wants to wear a couple outfit with you, use a couple avatar, and wear a couple ring. She hopes you can give her the sweetest alias. No other girls can sit in the co-pilot except her.

In fact, what she wants more is a sense of security. She wants your heart to be completely hers. If you fail to give her enough sense of security, she will become restless and sad. It is a pity that sometimes, she is afraid that you think she is too careful, so she is reluctant to show it.

man holding hands with woman near trees

3.More company

If you fall in love, girls hope that boys will give them a lot of company. Two people will explore a bigger world, find more beautiful things, and create more sweet moments that belong to you.

She wants to go to the fairground with you, to be an over age child, to scream together;

She wants to go cycling with you in the summer night and get drunk in the warm night wind;

Wants to go bungee jumping with you and hug tightly together, she will be not afraid because of you;

Wants to go shopping with you, left hand milk tea, right hand kebab, go shopping to eat together;

Wants to travel with you, in a strange place, this person beside her is who she wants to rely on most;

Wants to cook with you, do dishes, wash dishes, the most annoying housework can also become very fun;

Want to curled herself up in the sofa with you to watch horror movies, and then scream together.

man sitting beside woman while picking popcorn

She has planned so many things, but what she wants to do the most with you is to grow old together.

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