What are some things that women don’t tell men?

1. Women always think they are not beautiful enough.

Even if her husband always told her that she was the princess in his heart and the only one in his heart, she would still feel insecure.

2. Women care about other people’s opinions very much.

Many men will tell their parents and friends the details after quarreling with their loved ones, and even ask other people to help spread the message. Women will feel that their personal emotional affairs have been exposed and their self-esteem will be frustrated. But many men don’t understand that.

3. Many women don’t mind that a man has a female friend, because it only proves that she has a good taste for choosing a man.

However, many men still keep in close contact with their female friends after they have a girlfirend, and are a “central air conditioning”, which means they are too warm-hearted to every female friend. Women are extremely disgusted with this behavior. What she needs is a man who is loyal, dedicated and belongs to her own.

4.The biggest secret of most girls is that they don’t like cleaning.

They have elegant make-up outside, but their homes are so messy that you can’t believe it. After all, laziness is human nature, and disorder is the greatest order in nature.

5. How many boyfriends have a woman made before. This is really a very embarrassing question.

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