What is the best photo you can see online?

1.The firefighter fed koala water in the forest fire.

2.“I’d like to share my whole life with you.”

3.After saving people’s life against the corona virus, the nurse can finally come back home. This couple finally meet each other after they had a long separation.

4.A Munich policeman, smiling, put his cap on the child.

5.When the boat carrying Syrian refugees hit a rock near Rhode Island in Greece and sank, the young man dived into the water and rescued 20 refugees ashore.

6.Hungarians carry food on the highway, waiting for refugees to come.

7.They have also prepared drinking water for Refugees on foot to Austria.

8.Artists from all over the world mourned for aylan and Galip Kurdi whose bodies were washed ashore in the form of cartoons.

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