How do you know if a man is really in love?

1. He would kiss me, touch me, praise me for my good work after sex, say that I am beautiful and sexy, rather than ignore me and go to bed directly.

2. He would care for me after work and ask me if I am tired, instead of waiting for me to go back to cook and ask why I came home so late.

3. He will share his thoughts and feelings with me instead of being cold and violent to me.

4. He would like to share it with me at the first time when he finds something interesting or breaking news, instead of just me trying to convey happiness, but he doesn’t respond.

5. He will introduce me to his friends, hoping that they will treat me well, instead of hoping that no one knows my existence at all.

6. When we separated for a short time because of work and business trip, he would tell me that he missed me very much, rather than that he didn’t care if I was at home or even happy that I wasn’t at home.

7. When he seeing me walking towards him, he will come to me to meet me instead of immediately complaining about why I came so late.

8. Before visiting his parents for the first time, he would tell his parents how much he liked me and his plans for the future instead that I can’t get into his house but he didn’t even realize it.

9. When meeting my parents, he will also seriously talk about his own plans for the future and show our attitude towards each other’s life. Instead of asking me to explain everything about him to my parents alone.

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