What scientific photos are hard to believe but are indeed real?

1.Neanderthals living in Europe and Asia are close evolutionary relatives of humans, and they may have begun to consciously bury the dead about 100000 years ago.

Our early Homo sapiens created more and more elaborate burial rituals. For example, about 24000 years ago, in today’s sunghir, Russia, a boy about 12 years old and a girl about 9 years old were buried together.

A paper describing the two remains said they “head to head, covered in red ochre, and decorated with a wealth of burial objects.”

2.These are not eggs, but a box of Fake Turtle eggs. They are very similar in appearance, texture and weight to real turtle eggs, but underneath the camouflage of 3D printing is a GPS tracking device.

It’s a new way for researchers to protect endangered turtles.

In Central America, turtle eggs are regarded as a traditional delicacy. Although forbidden by law, turtle eggs are still stolen and illegally traded. To track the illegal trade, the researchers created the fake eggs by imitating the real turtle eggs and hid them in turtle nests to mix with the real eggs.

In preliminary field tests, the eggs, which can send location information, helped people trace 137 kilometers of illegal trade links.

3.Amazon has developed a new technology for its own store, Amazon one: it doesn’t need face recognition or fingerprint pressing, just show your palm to the camera and pay.

4.A flake of snow.

Look at the details.

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