What are some psychological facts about attracting people?

1.Establish a secret base

Take her to a place to play, tell her this is your “secret base”, which will make her feel moved.

Secrets can quickly bring the relationship closer, especially when she knows you’re only here with each other, and a great sense of engagement will make her value the relationship more.

2.Keep your appearance clean

A clean appearance will make you look more credible, and people will subconsciously trust people with a good appearance.

3.Pretend to yawn

At a party, if you want to know if someone is secretly following you, you can pretend to yawn. If she is looking at you, she will also yawn with you unconsciously.

4.Praise others

If you want to create a good image of yourself, you don’t need to boast, you can do it by speaking highly of others.

Shifting the characteristics of others unconsciously will allow people to unconsciously project your comments on someone, such as smart, down-to-earth and generous onto you.

Just like the person who likes this answer, it will give people the impression that they are good at observation and friendly.

5.Do something exciting with someone you like

For example, haunted house exploration, roller coaster ride, watching horror movies will make her like you more.

A faster heartbeat and increased adrenaline can create the illusion that she likes the people beside her.

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