What are some psychological hacks to know if someone likes you?

What are some psychological hacks to know if someone likes you?

I will take girls for example. Girls can check if a boy likes you by using these methods either.

Here we go.

If a girl already likes you and wants to develop a relationship with you, but you don’t know each other directly, she will do:

1.The first month: Get to know your friends and become a friend of your friends within a month.

Who is the key to know you? This person is very important and she will try her best to get to know that person.

She will first become very familiar with this person, and then slowly join your circle of friends. She will try to make friends with all the people in the circle that she can know.

She will basically complete the process in 20 days.

2. The second month: Step into your circle and use various platforms (parties, social software…) to show her elegance and excellence, show her excellent value.

She will show herself from two dimensions: her own elegant beauty and taste (subjective dimension) and how many men she has been paid attention to (objective dimension).

She wants to be “the first person you think about”.

3. The third month: She will try to send out ambiguous signals.

She will investigate your basic identity and preferences to create as many common topics as possible.

For example, if she knows that you have been abroad, she will search the country you studied or worked in and your major on the Internet, and chat with you about the local customs and tourist attractions, which shows that she is not ignorant. If you’re a veteran fan, she will talk to you about the Deutscher Fussball Bund and the Dutch three swordsmen, suggesting that she is also a person with passion in life and can match your taste.

In short, she will try to have a lot of topics to talk with you when she meets you for the first time.

If you two can’t meet in person, she will chat with you on social software. As long as she posts something new on the social network, she will show that she has a wonderful life, profound thoughts, promising work, interesting and good friends.

She will not reveal that she is lonely at the beginning.

But as soon as you like or comment on her state, she will find a chance to chat with you in private.

If you post something, she will also like and comment and then find a chance to chat in private.

Post new status, at you, comment to you, and chat with in private.

In short, she will interact with you and respond to you with her great enthusiasm.

4. The fourth month: Generally speaking, the longest validity period of ambiguity is three months, and the ambiguity within three months is the easiest to take root germination, more than three months of love is easy to deteriorate.

Therefore, if you don’t show that you like her by this time, she will think that you really don’t like her, or that you have someone else you like and won’t give up for her.

At this time, she may give up, or continue. It will be up to your attitude.

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