What’s the best picture you have ever seen?

This picture shows a recent event of a foundation called Standbyher which sent sanitary napkins to girls. The girls who received the gift bag were very happy.

Standbyher is a fund project dedicated to solve the menstrual poverty of underage women in poverty-stricken areas and non poor areas in China. Its predecessor is a volunteer group of the sisters’ action which provided material support for the health of front-line female medical staff during the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in February.

It’s worth noting that in this photo shared on the social network, the staff add mosaic effect on the girls’ faces protecting their privacy in a very handsome and lovely way – with lovely Sunglasses stickers.

What a lovely group of people! They all have hearts that shine like gold.

This picture makes me feel the love and mutual help among women, because in fact, in this series of actions, almost all donors, volunteers and sponsors are women. I am moved by the mutual help among women.

I wish I could be a part of them to help girls in need and to make this world better.

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