What are some amazing pictures?

Shuiyue is an apprentice of Yang Liping, a famous artist.

These pictures shows the wedding of Shuiyue and her girlfriend Emma.
Why do I say these are amazing pictures?
In China, same-sex marriage is not recognized by law, and mainstream media ignore the existence of homosexuality. Lesbians are even less noticed than gay men.
Shuiyue, as a public figure, resolutely release her wedding video and photos on the social midea, and reveal their romantic love to the world.(Their wedding looks perfect by the way lol.)
Some opposition has been heard.
But luckily, when their wedding photos were uploaded to Chinese social media, there were a lot of supportive voices in the comments, which makes me feel hopeful.
They also get their families’ support, which makes me feel happy for them.

I saw these words somewhere else:
I hope that one day the opportunity to marry will be open to all couples, regardless of sex, gender, or sexuality. What is needed is more people to help with this consciousness raising, which will lead to change in ideas and values, and eventually the law.
I know there is still a long way to go in China. I’m working on it, and so do my friends.
Let’s look forward to the day.

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