What are problems faced by tall people?

I don’t have such problems, but my ex-boyfriend does.

He is 6′3′’ tall. It was hard for us to take a full-body picture when we two stood togeter, because I am only about 5′3′’ .

It’s not convenient to hug and kiss outside. But, well, we matched each other very well with sex, because my body is very flexible lol. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Kissing like this really needs a strong man lol.

When he is chatting with his friends while walking, his friends don’t look up at him because their necks hurt.

His movements are clumsy when he is dancing.

Some swimming pools are not deep enough for him.

Always hit his head on low ceiling or something.

If he lied on the sofa, there was no place for me, just like this picture.

Then what problem he faced?Emmmm, my anger :)

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