Which do you think is the best photo of all time?

The first photos shot on the moon

A Man On The Moon, Neil Armstrong, Nasa, 1969

This man is Buzz Aldrin, the second man to land on the moon.

Aldrin deploys the solar wind collector.

A close-up of the lunar surface with Aldrin’s boot and footprint. He took this photo after the iconic footprint image.

This photograph is the first in a sequence of pictures Armstrong took of Aldrin carring part of the mission’s experiment package out to the deployment site a short way south of the spacecraft. The piece of equipment in his right hand is a laser reflector, used to measure the Earth-moon distance precisely. A seismometer package is in Aldrin’s left hand.

Aldrin has now deployed both the east and west solar panels on the seismometer.

One of two photos Armstrong took of Aldrin saluting the U.S. flag.

The whole world watched the live broadcast. This photo shows Neil Armstrong about to land on the moon.

This one is the only photo of Neil Armstrong standing on the moon. He didn’t leave a full face photo of standing on the moon.

At last, let’s end with Neil Armstrong’s immortal line,

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

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