What are your favorite before and after photos?

I love to see people growing up with their pets. There is no substitute for the emotional bond between people and pets.

1.”My best friend and I. We have lived together for 10 years.”

2.”13 wonderful years with this guy.”

3. “Me and my dog, 14 years.”

4.”This 14-year-old dog has always been my best buddy.”

5.”11 years past, we both change a lot.”

6.3 year relationship, they have witnessed each other’s growth.

7.”13 years of company. It is the best present I have ever received.”

8.The first photo and last photo of Taxi.

9.”18 years of company, I will always miss you, Lily.”

10. “My best friend over the past 15 years.”

11. “Over 14 years of best company, I have to let it go. Rest in peace, Docker.”

12. “The first and the last photo. I miss you so much Zoey.”

13. “Me and my 13-year-old Weenie”

14. 16 years later…

15. The little dog with his buddy.

16. “9 years…I miss you❤”

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