What is the most interesting fact that you know and I don’t, but I should?

1. When you get old, your pubic hair will turn white. Nose hair, armpit hair and leg hair will turn white, and nose hair is the first hair to turn white.

2. Ejaculation is similar to the knee jerk reflex, so people can ejaculate within minutes after death.

3. The last sense that disappears after death is hearing, so he/she can hear what you say!

4. Stools don’t taste stink, but it tastes bitter.

5. “Spicy” is not a sense of taste, but pain, so you can feel it in your anus after eating spicy food.

6. When you eat pineapples, your mouth hurts because there are calcium oxalate acicular crystals in pineapple. Soaking pineapple in the salt solution can improve the solubility of calcium oxalate acicular crystals, so it can reduce pricking.

7. Clouds look light, but a typical cumulus cloud weighs nearly 500 tons, or about 100 elephants.

8. Lightning looks thin, but its width is actually several meters.

9. Baby koala grows up eating mother koala’s excrement.

10. The classic question between lovers: If your girlfriend and your mother fall into the water at the same time, who do you save first?

Reference: Before you have marriage registration, the mother is a kindred relationship and is protected by law. If you don’t save her life, you will bear legal responsibility.

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