Why do so many couples still get married when the divorce rate is so high?

How does the divorce rate go up, if there is no such people get married?

Haha, just kidding.

At least one thing we can know is that people don’t think they will be the one who will get divorced one day when getting married.

Fluke psychology

This is the first point I’d like to say. People always think they are lucky when facing marriage.They think they love each and love can defeat anything.


It is so easy and common for human beings to feel lonely.People feel lonely when they are sick, when it is new year or a festival, even in some normal days in life.

At these moments, they will think that”Oh, maybe I should find a life partner.”

Pressure from the society

Parents, relatives, friends, even someone you are not familiar with, ask you why you are still single, why you are still not married. Many people can’t handle the pressure and finally fall in with the “tradition”.

Share the cost of living

When there is someone to share the cost of house rent, car expense, food, daily necessities with you, the burden of living may be lower to you.

Protection of the law

It is unnecessary for two people wanting to be together to get married.

But if you want the law to protect your property and rule the responsibilities of you two, you will need it.

These are some possible reason for why so many couples still get married when the divorce rate is so high.

I think people can consider the options. It’s fine to get married or not as long as you lead a happy life.

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