If you were to hear one last song before you die, which one would it be?

If I saw this question 11 years ago, my answer would be Earth Song.

I missed that man so much that I can’t help listening to songs within his attempts.

Me of my age at that time was too keen on environmental protection, advocating love and peace and anything else of making a beautiflul world to see the terrible things that human did. So I might choose this song at that time, dying compassionately and pessimistically.

If I saw this question 6 years ago, my answer would be Say Something.

Young and single, a girl started to understand ties of kinship, friendship, and wait for her own love to appear. She sang this song walking on the way home at night, emotionally and deeply moved by herself.

Now, I, in my view, am a pessimistic optimist, who would choose Suite for Varity Orchestra No.1(Jazz Suite No.2):Waltz No.2.

I don’t know much about classical music. I have just been thinking of this piece over and over again and loved it.

If there must be one with lyrics, I would choose Starman.

I’d like to be the starwoman wating in the sky, telling people not to blow it.

Now it’s time to go back to my star.

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