What made you upset today?

I saw a question, “Women, what would you do if all men in the world disappear for 24 hours?

This question suddenly got popular on weibo, which is a Chinese social network.

(1.4millions likes, 22.4 thousands comments, 37.6 thousands reposts)

No matter which conutry they are from, many women generally felt safe,

“Go on a walk alone at night or ride my bike alone”

“A massive picnic with my girls at late and sleep under the stars”

“Wear an actual bathng suit and go to the beach”

“I would blast BOTH of my airpods”

“Feel safe, I guess”

“Be confident on social media”

While in the contrary, some men showed their arrogance as always, like

“The world would be in chaos and unsafe” I saw comments like this on weibo.

And this kind of men felt offended like,

“Cant blame every guy you see solely on ‘men’ … It’s common knowledge to not walk around late at night for your own safety not ‘because of men’ “

Well, “if not ‘because of men’ why would it still dangerous to walk around at night?” I wonder it either.

Of course there are men supporting and understanding women, but they are still too few in number.

I’m glad we have men that understand why women think this way.

But what we can see is, we still have a long way to go.

I am upset that we live in this unequal world, and face various discriminations every day, but I still have hope.

Wish we could have a better tomorrow.

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