What are some of the dark lessons that life showed you?

1. People will not be jealous of those who are worse than them and those who are much better than them. They are usually jealous of people that they think being similar to them but have better treatment.

2. When you are too kind to a person, once you slightly neglect, that person will blame you. That’s human’s nature.

3. What you think it’s just your own thought, and it’s your own fantasy. It doesn’t mean that others think the same way.

4. The easier you get, the less you cherish.

5. Everyone wants to be rich over one night, but this thought is just in their mind, never in action.

6. Although sex discrimination has been reduced, it still exists.

7. Home is a haven, but it’s also the last straw to crush you.

8. It’s not strangers who hurt me the most, but the family and friends around me.

9. Most people want me to be better, but they don’t want me to be better than them.

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