What is the best advice you’ve received?

  1. Never get entangled in what hasn’t happened yet.
  2. As a Chinese saying goes, 静坐常思己过, 闲谈勿论人非, which means “Think about what you have done, not others.”
  3. This one is a bit similar to the second one, which is, never talking about other people’s life.
  4. Never put what you dislike on others.
  5. Don’t vent your anger on somebody who’s not to blame.
  6. When you are too kind to a person, once you slightly neglect, that person will blame you. That’s human’s nature. Therefore, when necessary, don’t give all your kindness to others at the beginning.
  7. Never owe others money, and try not to let others owe you money.
  8. You can get confidence form self-discipline.

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