How do you know when someone really loves you?

People often ask me if this boy/girl love her/him, and then he/she narrates a lot of other people’s performance, trying to let me analyze whether the man is sincere or not.

But the whole direction is wrong. Doing so will only let oneself before understanding the other party’s intention already unconsciously into the emotion. Not only may hope fail, but even if the other person also likes you, you too much about the other person’s behavior will make you less attractive. After all, you know, people are going crazy for what they haven’t got. For those who have already become their own bag of things, always lack of interest.

To say this, I’m not trying to make everyone a little bitches, but I’m talking about something very important in our feelings: self.

Once I had a boyfriend, and I was very infatuated with him. Later I asked myself why I liked him so much. Because he is a man with his own world. He will go to do what he likes, strive to pursue what he wants, always energetic and brave forward. Through him, I can see another world that I have never seen.

We have discussed the example of a couple around us. The boy in this couple always leaves all his time for her sister. No matter what the sister says, she will absolutely do it. Love is heartfelt and painful. Finally, she separated from him, because he felt that he had no idea of his own, which was very boring.

At that time, my conclusion is this: when the other party approached you, it was because having you was like having a small world. But when two people fall in love, you suddenly have no idea. You depend on each other for your whole life, just like a vegetable paralyzed in a hospital bed. Instead of seeing the world she wants to see from you, the other person will take care of you. Push all the choices and decisions to the right

Fang is the least lovely.

To sum up, over guessing the other person’s mood and behavior will only lead you into a kind of unbalanced sewer. Don’t do this whether you’re with or without each other in the future.

My treatment is like this: until the other side says: I like you, please be my girlfriend.

Unless the other side clearly said this sentence, I always think the other party is my friend, and I never try to guess and pry into each other’s mind. In this way, they will not be hurt, their mentality is very stable, and they can get along with each other more easily.

In fact, in a natural state of your performance is the best, if you can’t move the other party in the most stable state of mind, then your crazy pursuit may not let the other party suddenly find your good and fall in love with you. Because in my opinion, such behavior is not love, but more like robbing each other to fill the void in my heart.

Simple love and love don’t make a person crazy, but the lack of self-esteem / desire / self-esteem will make a person like this. I don’t think you will be hurt by me. Because there is a big hole in your heart for a sense of security. After all, if only the other party can make you feel safe, your self-esteem level and sense of security are very low,

It’s hard for you to maintain a high-quality relationship, and it’s easy to be cheated by people with bad intentions.

In other words, even if you finally catch up with them, you will also create a high psychological expectation for the other party. In the future, you will fall into an overdraft state that doesn’t even work out your heart and lungs. This relationship is disabled from the beginning.

Even if the other party clearly said that I like you, I will carefully distinguish whether the other party is really treating me. After all, my sincerity is only one, and I can’t give others a knife at will. Because, the heart given casually is not true, but weak and greedy.

People admire those who have more independent souls. Because there are too many people in the world who are incomplete, we will yearn for those who are more complete and want to be close to them, as if we become complete when we are with them. This kind of person, never flatter others, but easily please all people.

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