What do guys never tell girls?

1.A guy in pursuit of girls, will not casually tell girls about their previous emotional experience.

2.Many guys have askew eggs, and there is nothing to be surprised.

3.Guys who pretend to still sleep after school or turn around to watch the views actually get hard.

4.Don’t kick the eggs of them, it really really hurts!

5.All men care about their size.You know what I mean.They would measure it alone or with other guys. Sometimes they compare with each other.

6.When they come to an age, if they are still virgin, they will be laughed at by others. Some of them even go for a prostitute to give their “first time”.

7.They won’t tell girls if they had erotic dreams with other women.

8.Watching porn doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you.

9.Guys are not willing to spend time with girls on chatting, shopping, and having dinner if not for sex or love.

10.When a guy thinks of you, gives gifts to you and says something romantic only when he wants to have sex with you, but disappears when you want to him, he definitely treats you as a friend with benefits.Leave him far far away!

If you want a friend with benefits too, find a guy who is honest with you.

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