These people did coolest things in the world

1.I saw some photos from Trash Challenge, which are really cool.

The picture above shows a well-dressed man sitting on a piece of land full of rubbish, while the picture below shows the same place but clean and tidy after he cleaned up.

He called on people to show “the same” photos as him: “this is a challenge for all young people who may be bored. Find a place where you feel you need to maintain and clean up and take a picture. Then after you clean it up, take another picture. Finally, send out the contrast pictures! ”

Then, many people have taken part in it.

This girl cleaned up a pile of rubbish from the river.

About 500 volunteers helped clean up five million kilograms of rubbish from Mumbai’s beaches.

Manila Bay in the scene is considered one of the dirtiest bays in the world, but after many volunteers’ effort, it has incredible change.

I’ve always admired people who make some achievement in making this world better and in helping others.I hope I can be like them, and I’m trying.

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