What made you angry today?

This nice-looking woman whose name is Lamu has died after her ex-husband doused her in petrol and set fire to her as she was attempting to live stream.


As a “perfect” victim, Lamu is beautiful, hardworking and kind-hearted. At the age of 17-18, she was with her childhood sweetheart’s ex-husband. She had two sons and endured many domestic violence in silence. She called the police many times for the sake of the children and got no protection. In order to protect their lives she chose to divorce with him, and then had to accept remarriage for the safety of their children because her ex-husband said he would kill the son if she refused. She was beaten again and had to sue for divorce again.

In order to trap Lamu, her ex-husband often threatened her with child’s life and beat her elder sister into a fracture of her left orbital bone. When Lamu faced death, her first reaction was not to escape, but to call her father to run.

Livestreaming on Douyin(Chinese version of tiktok) is the only outlet of Lamu’s miserable life, and also the window for her ex-husband to peep at Lamu. That day, when her ex-husband learned that she was going down the mountain, he went out with a watermelon knife, a fruit knife and a 25 kilos gasoline barrel.

Lamu’s ex-hushand, the moster, named Tang, came to Lamu’s house when Lamu was livestreaming in the kichen, talking to her fans. One of her fans saw a man walking in and heard the sharp scream only after the screen went black.

Lamu’s father, and her brother in law, Renyang, were sleeping in another room. They were also awakened by Lamu’s cry for help. When they rushed to the kitchen, they saw that Lamu’s whole body had been poured with gasoline, and the floor of the kitchen and living room was also covered with oil. Tang had a knife on Lamu’s neck in one hand and a lighter in the other. “He’s going to kill our family, not just my sister.” Lamu’s sister thinks according to the number of gasoline and knives.

Lamu’s father remembers that Lamu was crying and shouting at them, “Dad, run, he’s going to blow me up.” He shivered and ran out with Renyang. He wanted to call the police. Renyang ran back to the room to get his mobile phone. They heard Lamu crying. Before Renyang could get through 110, the fire started to burn and spread rapidly throughout the house. Then there was a huge explosion.

Lamu was sent to the hospital. Lying in the embulance, Lamu still had a trace of consciousness. She speaked to her father, “If  I die this time, sister will take care of you.” She felt pain all over her body.

Lamu was so badly hurt, and suffered burns on 90% of her body.Due to the high cost of treatment, her family asked her followers for financial help and more than one million yuan (£114,280) was raised in just 24 hours.

But she didn’t survive. Lamu died on 30 September, the night before Mid- Autumn festival, the day she should have been with her family…

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