Who’s the most ridiculously good-looking person you’ve ever met?

Definitely Lisa (Lalisa Manoban)

She can be cool, sexy, cute and sweet.She has every kind of beauty that exactly I like.

She has perfect body proportions, which make her look tall.

Sometimes you may forget she’s just 23 years old. But when she shows her loveliness, you will realize that she is just a little girl, then you want to give her a big hug.

When she is dancing and singing on the stage, you will see an very attractive Lisa. She really looks like a goddess.

BTW, I support women of all sizes to be confident. 

I like Lisa and her good figure, but I will never want to be her. 

I like my so-called “imperfect” body which is very healthy.

If somenoe asks me to lose weight or tells me “You are fat”, I will definitely tell him “Mind your own business”.

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