What innocent-seeming picture is actually heartbreaking?

1. This is last words written by a coronavirus pneumonia patient on February 12th, 2020. in Wuhan, which means “Donate my remains to the country.”(for madical research)

There are another four words under this sentence, “where is my wife”

I am moved to tears the moment I see these words.

2.On March 5,
2020, this old man who was infected with the Coronavirus was escorted by Doctor
Liu to take the CT scan. They met the beautiful sunset on the way, then Dr. Liu
asked the volunteer to take this photo.


3.Spring morning
in 1954, photographer John Gunter was in the front yard of a seaside villa when
he heard neighbors shouting, “something’s wrong on the beach!” John
grabbed the camera and rushed to the shore.

When he arrived,
he saw a couple clinging to each other by the water. It turned out that their
19 month old son, who was playing in the yard, walked into the beach and was
swept away by the waves.

I can’t imagine
how heartbreaking the couples were. This is so sad.


4.This is an
unforgettable and bizarre photograph taken by photographer David Seymour in a
children’s home in Warsaw in 1948.

On that day, the
children’s task was to draw “home” on the blackboard. While the other
children were painting houses askew, Terezka, who grew up in the concentration
camp, seemed to have a different impression of “home”.

People want to
ask her what the scrawl depicts, but in the child’s sharp eyes, we vaguely
recognize that it is inhuman pain and terror.


5. This is a
picture of a large family on holiday in Sweden in 1971. Second from the left,
you can see a 14-year-old boy in a brown shirt. His name is Osama.

Thirty years
later, Osama bin Laden’s name was closely linked with suicide terrorism,
creating a nightmare in the history of human civilization.


6. This is the
last photo of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1989: a female attacker
wearing an orange flower hugs him and detonates a bomb. The photographer for
this photo was also killed in the attack.

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