What are some crazy coincidences in history?

Queens ruling the power showed up at very similar time in East Asia.

     1)  Silla(57BC
-935AD) was a kingdom located on the southern and central parts of the Korean

– 647, 선덕여왕)
reigned as Silla’s twenty-seventh ruler from 632 to 647, and its first reigning

Jindeok (? –
654, 진덕여왕),reigned as Queen of Silla from 647 to


Empress Suiko(554-628)was the 33rd  monarch of Japan and reigned from 593 until
her death in 628.

Empress KōgyokuKōgyoku-tennō , 594-661)also known as Empress
Saimei-tennō), was the 35th and 37th monarch of Japan. Kōgyoku’s reign spanned
the years from 642 to 645. Her reign as Saimei encompassed 655 to 661.

Empress JitōJitō-tennō , 645-703)was the 41st monarch of Japan. Jitō’s reign spanned the years from 686 through 697.


Wu Zetian624-705was empress regnant of the
Zhou dynasty(周) of China, ruling from 690 to 705.

4)The Tibetan Empire

Dro Trimalo(?-712) was queen and the real ruler of the Tibetan Empire from 676-689.

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