What are some ugly truths of life?

Not for everyone.
But for most people, these are definitely truth.

1. Most people
are ordinary people and can not achieve financial freedom. Many people, even if
they work hard, are ordinary people all their lives. They can’t realize their
dream of making money and financial freedom. Although it sounds like nonsense,
many people don’t admit that it happened to them.

2. Money is
really important. Money can solve 99% of the problems, and the power can solve the
rest of them. 10,000 dollars can make friends show their nature, 100,000$ can
buy a life of ordinary people, 7 million$ real estate can turn brothers into
enemies, 2 million$ can transplant hearts and kidneys, and f whoever you want.
Giving 10 million$ makes your words always be truth. Money can buy respect,
affection, love, friendship, life. Capital is solid and ugly, and people’s
heart is more ugly than capital.

3. Few people
want you to have a good life. In this world, in addition to a few of the
closest people, such as family members and best friends, most people come to
know about your recent situation. They just ask about it. They don’t really
want you to live a good and happy life. Even if they just want to make sure
that you’re not having a good time, knowing that you’re not threatening, then
they’re relieved. If you tell them you’re doing well, you’re going to be the
opposite of them or they are going to borrow money from you. It’s not good for
you in either way.

 4. If you are not good, it is useless to know
anyone. Contacts are not in others, but in yourself. Only by making yourself
strong can you get useful contacts. To be frank, the strength of your network
depends on your excellence.

5. There are many
unhappy things, but there are few people you can talk with. There are a lot of
things that are not going well in the world, but few things can be told. It is
sad that many people have difficulties.

6. Human nature
can’t be tested. Most of the time, we always want to test the sincerity of our
friends and the loyalty of our lovers, but most of the time, the result will be
disappointing. How strong a vase is, I’m afraid you won’t know until you break
it. However, at that time, the vase is no longer the beauty in your eyes, only

7. Don’t
underestimate the evil of human nature; don’t overestimate your position in the
hearts of others. The evil side of human nature is a bottomless abyss. It is
hard to really walk into another people’s heart. Everyone will have a lot of
friends, whether ordinary friends or good friends. Now most people like to be
self righteous. Think that their own position in the hearts of others is
unshakable, that they are very important, but this is just their own self

8. Success is a
great deodorant that can take away so much of your past smell. It’s a little
extreme, but it’s very vivid. Generally speaking, success means everything is

9. Poor couples are
sad. Literally, it means that couples  with weak economic foundation are always sad
in their feelings and life. Love will be dimmed by bills, household duties,
child educations in daily life.

10. Friends are
all periodic. At different times and places, we meet different people. Because
of different moods, different dreams, we have made friends with different
people. Due to time and distance, as well as the three outlooks and growth
speed among friends, there is less concern and greeting to each other. The
Three Outlooks no longer converge, and the growth speed of each other is no
longer the same level line. Without the emotional foundation, the initial tacit
understanding and friendship are weakened. It’s better to keep a normal heart
and enjoy the good memories of friendship at each stage.

11. Gratitude is
a rare quality that most people don’t have. There are too many people in this
world who don’t know how to be grateful. They all think it’s reasonable for
them to enjoy other people’s kindness. Sometimes they don’t even have a word of
thanks. They are selfish and only think about themselves. This kind of person
really exists, and the most awful thing is that this kind of person post on the
social network state unexpectedly to say that everybody should have the heart
of gratitude.

12. Education is
really important. You can’t even get into a big company without a degree.
Education is really just a knock on the door of your dreaming work, but if you
don’t have that, you will lose many opportunities of good positions.

13. The college entrance examination is very important. It is a rare and
fair selection for all. In the current social system, the college entrance
examination is a fairly fair way to select talents. The reality is that only by
studying hard, can we get rid of the bottom of the society. 

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