What picture made your blood boil?

A Japanese cargo ship hit a reef off the coast of Mauritius, causing an oil spill.

After that, at least 25 dolphins have died. Local residents told the media that the dead dolphins had a smell of fuel and were festering in many places. Environmental groups are concerned that the death of the dolphins may be related to the oil spill from the Japanese cargo ship.

At least 25 dolphins have washed up dead on the island of Mauritius weeks after the hull of a Jananese cargo ship cracked spilling more than 1,000 tonnes of oil into the ocean.

Live dolphins have also appeared on the shores fewer than 10 miles from the crashed ship showing signs of serious distress.

Authorities warn more may be in danger.

In fact, I feel more sad than angry. What humans have done these years really hurt lots of animals in ocean. I feel sorry and helpless and don’t know what to do to save them.

They deserve better home, but why they all live in a terrible condition? Everytime I think of this, I can’t calm down. All I think is why people can not live with these lovely creatures peacefully.

Wish we could do better in the future.

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