What are the most amazing photos you have ever taken?

Not a professinal, I just like recording something beautiful or significant in my life.

1. I always love staring at the sky. These two photos were taken before my graduation.

Rainbow outside the library in my university.

2. I took this photo when I was on the train home after I gratuated. It may be common to some people, but if you have watched Westworld, you will understand how surprised I was when I saw the view out of the window.

3. “Does someone walking up on the cloud ladder?”

Welcome to tell me what kind of cloud they are.

4. Blue sky, pink cloud in the countryside. Feel ease and comfortable.

5. It’s dark, but if you look carefully, you will see Orion in this photo. It is the first time that I have learnt to recognize Orion, so it means a lot to me. It is the beginning of my journey to be an amateur in astronomy.

6. I took this photo when I visited a Guan Yu Temple in my hometown. This stone memorial arch was built in 1765 which is in Qing dynasty.

7. The last dinner before I failed my first interview in Shanghai. It’s a nice restaurant.

They are flashes of my daily life. Thanks for watching.

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