What are some psychological facts that people don’t know?

1. We naturally reject ugly things and
appreciate beautiful things since the day we were given birth.

However, with the passage of time, we
will gradually focus on the beauty and ugliness of the exterior to the beauty
and ugliness of the inner soul. Such wisdom is constantly accumulated.

But in some areas, beautiful people
will be bullied and excluded, even hated, and the corresponding is that
ordinary people are more acceptable.

2. For people who love listening to
music, what music they listen to determines their work efficiency and part of
their ability.

When listening to fast songs, their work
efficiency is improved, while their internal tension is increased, and they
will feel tired when they are in the state of fast songs for a long time.

When listening to slow songs, their
work efficiency will be reduced, but they will not be nervous and act calmly.

This is because people who like to
listen to music have a special sensitivity to music. When listening to music,
their hormones will gradually increase, which makes them feel more energetic
and active, and can also make people feel calm and stable.

If they are forbidden to listen to
music for a month, their work efficiency will be reduced.

3. The best way to solve insomnia is to
keep a diary

If you feel sleepless at night, it’s
time to clear your mind.

You can write all this information in a
diary, vent all your emotions, clear your brain, and let your emotions return
to calm.

This is the lowest threshold and the
simplest way.

4. Marrying your best friend will
eliminate more than 70% of the risk of divorce.

The study found that those who marry
their best friends have a much lower divorce rate than other ways.

That’s because when the novelty is
over, they can still get along with each other as good friends. This
relationship is undoubtedly very strong. The best friend relationship is like a
secure lock, which can avoid the most risk of divorce of two people.

Even if the love is gone, they are
still the best friends and can still accompany each other.

5. The more intelligent a person is,
the more active her/his thoughts are, the more fluent her/his handwriting is.

When a person’s ideas are faster than
the words they write, they don’t care to write well, because when they think of
more than a dozen words, they can only write one word by hand. They have to
make their words smoother and even more scribbled, otherwise these wonderful
ideas will disappear immediately.

For them, the mind is a rabbit and the
hand is a turtle.

For those who can write neatly, their
thoughts and hands are more synchronized between which the gap is not big. They
do things seriously and can pay attention to the things in front of them.

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