What are the lessons you learned after a failed relationship?

I think the experience that hurt me the most is to break with my good friend who I have known for many years. For example, many people may be betrayed by their friends or find that they are interfered by their friends. In fact, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. After all, she has this idea. Maybe she doesn’t take you as a true friend. So even if she doesn’t do something sorry for you now, she will do these things in the future. It’s better for you to see clearly earlier and leave these people as soon as possible. But it’s still a little sad to think about being betrayed after paying my heart. 

1.Take the initiative and be more inclusive when facing a bud friend. 

In the process of getting along with ordinary friends, I think we should take the initiative and be more inclusive. In fact, some friends of mine who may have been acquainted with me on a one-time basis and have few conversations. They just left contact information and are a little familiar with me. Therefore, if we happen to meet again next time, I will remember to take the initiative to say hello. Otherwise, the other party may think that I am a cold person, which will make me very difficult to get along with.
You can’t expect these friends who are not very close to you to think from your point of view when doing things, so in many cases, the results of cases which are different from your ideas will make you feel very dissatisfied. At this time, you should learn to be tolerant. You know, it can’t be avoided. After all, everyone is an independent individual, no one must follow your ideas. 

2.When you have a misunderstanding with a good friend, communicate in time. 

When two people quarrel, never choose cold violence. It will really make each other very uncomfortable, and friendship will become more and more fragile. 

Last year, my good friend and I had a quarrel due to something and cold violence happened. I was sad and angry, so I stopped following her on weibo which I thought she never uses and would never find out. I did this just to make my anger down and have a feeling of revenge. But she found it out eventually and thought I don’t want to be her friend anymore. 

After that, we didn’t talk anymore until recently I texted her and said happy birthday to her. Because I missed her so much and I can’t stand the silence between us. I apoligize for my rudeness. She accepted it and said sorry, too. You can’t imagine how happy I am when we finnally made up. 

Things I mentioned above are known after we told each other what we were thinking.

We both just guess what the other one is thinking but never ask. I think this is the main reason why we get this.

So guys,  never let your friends guess what you
are thinking, just tell them how you feel and what you want.

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