What are some psychological tricks that are not only useful but also highly profitable?

1. The time for
a person to be angry by something is only 12s. After this period of time,
people will return to their former calm. Unfortunately, most people will be
controlled by the 12s, saying or doing things they regret.

2. Keeping a
clean appearance will make you look more credible. People will subconsciously
trust people with bright appearance. Therefore, when you apply for a job, you
can leave a better impression on the interviewer by dressing up neatly and
skillfully; when you give a speech, you will also look more professional in a
suit and suit.

3. A person’s
appearance can reveal a lot of information. Poor body management is mostly
lazy, hunchback is more than self-confidence; clothing can show personality,
clothing can see hobbies; emotional ups and downs hidden in the voice, family
education revealed on the table.

4. At the party,
if you want to know if someone is paying attention to you secretly, you can
pretend to yawn. If the TA is looking at you, he will also yawn with you

5. When you are
expressing your opinion, you can nod slightly and send some positive signals to
others. They will unknowingly assimilate into your consciousness and generate
ideas that agree with you.

6. Digital
payment makes us lose the pain of spending money. For example, if you have 50
forms in front of you, your sense of accomplishment will gradually be satisfied
when you have processed them one by one; when the forms are transformed into
data, we have no sense of the number 50. It’s the same with spending money.
When the amount reaches a certain threshold, it’s hard for us to feel the pain
of spending money. But at this time, it’s 50 hundred dollars bills, and every
time you spend one, you’ll feel heartache. Therefore, reducing the frequency of
digital payment and keeping the habit of paper money consumption is the best
way to save money.

7. The success
rate of signing contracts and discussing cooperation in restaurants is higher.
Because it is easy for people to get satisfaction when eating, they can put
down their guard, and they will have a certain favor on the people who eat
together, which makes the negotiation easier.

8. When you are
poor, you will get more opportunities if you are nice to foreigners; when you
are rich, you will be good to your family, only they will accompany you

9. More
recognition of others’ excellence will indirectly improve self-identity and
thus enhance happiness. It’s the same thing to like the answer, because you
show kindness to the person who answers, and it makes you feel happy.

10. The more you
keep talking, the less you have. They only care about expressing themselves,
and they don’t have time to think too much. This kind of people are also the
most likely to let the secret out.

11. When a
person tells a lie, he will be used to express surprise first, then completely
repeat the other person’s question, and then make an answer. That’s because
they need to use that time to quickly make up lies in their heads.

12. The more you
pay for someone, the more dependent they may be on you, and the more
inseparable you will be. Because we are reluctant to give up the sunk cost that
has been put in, but continue to invest in the cost, resulting in a vicious
circle that the more we pay, the more we are reluctant to give up.

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