Do looks really matter in life? Do good looking people have an advantage?

A guy whose last name is Zhang lives in an apartment.

On September 8, after taking a bath, he stroked his hair with one hand and tried to move the bathroom door away with another hand. The tempered glass door burst suddenly. He was scared and his hand was cut. 

The hospital diagnosed that his hands were cut, the extensor tendon of the left middle finger was broken, and several skin avulsion injuries were found in his hands. More than 8000 medical expenses have been spent. 

Zhang said he didn’t touch the door handle at that time, and the tempered glass door suddenly broke. He thought the property owner was responsible. 

The neighbor tenant’s bathroom is also short of a glass door. The tenant said that he found a glass door missing in the bathroom when he lived in. He suspected that the bathroom door of the apartment exploded by itself. His follow-up treatment costs still need a lot, he hopes the apartment property can bear it.
But the property said that the glass they purchased was in compliance with the regulations, and there was no glass self explosion before. Property staff said they can compensate Zhang a month’s rent. 

Zhang does not accept this and may consider taking legal measures. 

As soon as the report came out, netizens commented on Zhang’s appearance in addition to hoping that his hand would recover as soon as possible. 

The tag of #Zhang’s hands were cut by broken tempered glass door# was on the trend of China’s social network state for a whole day mostly because of Zhang’s good looking. 

Due to the large number of people concerned, the property owners quickly gave a response.

Now he is famous on the Internet and has got 265k followers on Weibo.

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