What are some things you realized when you got mature?

1. After
growing up, there are so many things I don’t like but I have to do them.

After the college entrance examination,
going to university is the first long-distance travel alone in my life. At that
time, with the desire for the future, joy and excitement, I started a different
life from the place I was tired of, to the place where a group of people were
tired. On this journey, I left behind the naivety and immaturity,
and left behind the underage of 18.

From then on, I learnt to be an adult,
learnt to grow up. At that time, I thought it was a great thing to grow up.
From unfamiliarity to familiarity,
dominated by a variety of things every day, I just put together a complete
self. When I grow up, I find that I can’t be myself any more.

All the things, forced me to keep on.
You might be embarrassed and reluctant, but you still have to do it. Life as an
adult is not so easy. This has become a normal state  and a law.

2.After growing up, you have learned to
find happiness in unhappiness.

When I grow up, I will no longer be able
to smile innocently as I did when I was a child. Every time I smile in front of
people, more or less, I am always reluctant. I become less likely to laugh, and
there are less and less things that can make me happy.

After graduating from University, I am
faced with hunting job, starting a business, or starting a family and having
children. Everything is the road that most people have gone through and has
been recognized by the public. Everything is into the track of my life so
quietly. I am not happy, but I still can laugh.

3.After growing up, I learned to be calm.
A female colleague of mine is going to divorce this afternoon. I thought that she have to ask for a half day off to deal with such a big thing. But she said, “No, I can handle it at lunch.”.
I thought she would be so sad that she would be not in the mood to do anything in the afternoon. But when she came back in the afternoon, she still worked hard and conscientiously.

There is not a trace of excess personal emotions that affect work. The heart of an adult can be so powerful that it can divide herself into two parts and will not let the other self affect the present self.

Sad, lonely,unfree, but we still grow, never stop. That is what I realized when I got mature.

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