What are some pictures (without text) with deep meaning(s)?

1. To be an
angel or a devil, you made the choice.

2. What others
can do may not be suitable for you.

3. If a person
is bound in love, no matter how much care is futile.

4. What your
figure looks is up to you.

5. Spoiling is
the most terrible harm.

6. If you don’t
go out, you’ll think this is the world.

7. People’s
heart will be drowned by desire.

8. Some people
clearly love each other, but no one dares to say it.

9. Does the
Internet bring people closer or farther?

10. Mobile
phones bring convenience, but make people more and more lonely .

11. It takes two
people to fight. It takes only one person to stop fighting.

12. Marriage is
not a life without fighting, but that you can live together for a lifetime even
if you quarrel.

13. Helping
others is helping yourself.

Don’t you think this is the society we live in?

We know that some of our lifestyles are wrong, but we are still numb.

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