How can I control my anger?

1. Think about
things for 3 seconds

Some people have
a quick temper and go quickly. In the end, they find that the fire is
meaningless, just impulsive. Therefore, when you encounter something, you
should not make a decision subconsciously. Give yourself 3 seconds to think.
Many times, you will find that the original idea is so naive and terrible.


2. Take a long

A man with a
small spirit shows that he has a small vision and can only see the gains and
losses in front of him, and there is no bigger thing to let him care about.
Therefore, if you want to control anger, you’d better take a long-term view.
People with a long-term vision tend to keep a low-key and bear in mind that it
is a blessing to suffer losses and consider the future development.


3. Improve your quality

As the saying
goes, the more incompetent people are, the more angry they are. People with
strong hearts have a better way to deal with injustice than anger, so they
rarely get angry. Therefore, we should improve our quality in many aspects and
make ourselves strong.


4. Have a different
thinking way

Many things are
not necessarily the fault of others. Sometimes, standing on the other’s point
of view and taking heart to heart can help you get out of the dead end of your
mind and let your anger dissipate.

5. Don’t be

A considerable
part of the anger comes from jealousy. Being good at yourself, inquiring less
about other people’s affairs and comparing with others will result in less
meaningless anger.


6. Have a reasonable

People who are
angry inside can choose some reasonable means to vent their emotions. For
example, sports, singing, with a healthy way to relieve the inner unhappiness.
In this way, you can control your anger effectively by getting rid of it in


PS: People who
has a temper are very easy to be used by others, so stop loss in time.

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