What is the toughest lesson about love that your relationships taught you?

1. People who let you down will never let you down just once.

2. Don’t try to make your boyfriend guess why a girl is angry. You can just tell him. Although it is inevitable that you may be angrier and have a sense like, “You’ve made me angry, and I have to explain to you why I’m angry”, but he will apologize sincerely afterwards.

3. Don’t fall in love with someone who seems to be overbearing in love. They are more likely to be unreasonable.

4. Boys don’t believe girls’ lies like “I’m not angry” or “I’m OK”.

5. When a girl dose not @ you on the social networking site, you’re screwed bro.

6. Girls don’t always think it’s the boys’ fault. We should also step back. When your lover apologizes, you should also apologize. If you think you are not wrong, please apologize for your rude attitude when you quarreled.

7. Don’t always doubt your lover. Distrust will slowly erode your relationship.

8. Boys don’t think that girls are angry for no reason. What you think is harmless may be important for your lover. No matter a small concerning, or a great event of you, a proper report can make your lover feel at ease. Why not do it?

9. Don’t limit your lover’s freedom to make friends. At the same time, you should also remember that you can choose him / her or abandon him / her.

10. Always remember this: you are not the entire world of your lover, neither does he/she.

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