What are some secret things that women will never tell men?

1.  When you quarrel, the girl does
know she is wrong.

In fact, every
couple of lovers are straightforward people. The smell of fighting is stronger
than that of gunpowder.  But in fact,
every time after a fight, The girl regrets it, but she dare not admit it. What she
wants is not asking you to let her calm down. She wants you to coax her and
give her a step down.

In fact,
sometimes there is a difference in thinking between boys and girls. Most of the
time, what girls say is not necessarily the real idea, which is what we call duplicity.
However, boys are more used to judging their next step from the Surface
behavior of girls.

Therefore, in
most of times, boys don’t know why girls want to  be alone, but it will be worse to really let
her be alone.

Some girls are
not good at direct expressions, while boys are too lazy to guess what the words
really mean.

When quarreling,
don’t fight for the final winner. The boy should step back first, and your
relationship will be more harmonious.

2. How painful is dysmenorrhea?

If you ask a
guy, what kind of pain can’t you bear? He will probably say, eggs pain. But compared
with girls’ dysmenorrhea, boys can’t feel it in their lifetime.

If you ask a
girl to describe how painful dysmenorrhea is in one sentence, Their answer must
be this:

“In fact,
it doesn’t hurt much. It’s just that you want to commit suicide.”

“Well, it’s like
a bulldozer on your stomach.”

“”Die once a month”                 

“pain to
convulsion, pain to vomiting”

It has been
confirmed by doctors that the pain level of dysmenorrhea in girls is equivalent
to a heart attack. So, if you don’t want to stay single, it’s wise not to ask
girls how painful their dysmenorrhea is.

3. Girls are two different things outside and at home.

It turns out
that when she sleeps, she talks in her sleep, grinds her teeth, farts and
steals quilts.

It turns out that
her room is not so tidy that there is no place for her to settle down when she
lives alone.

It turns out
that the first thing she does when she gets home is to untie bra, and her bust
disappears too after she takes off her underwear.

It turns out
that she doesn’t have a superwoman’s body. Her hands and feet are cold all the
year round. No matter how much brown sugar and ginger water could  not help.

It turns out
that she is very serious when she suffered from
Chu-2 byo, and her brain is full of all kinds of bad small theater

It turns out
that she knows everything, and you couldn’t catch up with the old driver.

It turns out
that she is not really strong, like the paper tiger with a stab to break.

It turns out
that she is not so sunny on the surface, and she doesn’t like to say a word
when she is especially sad.

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