What things can tell a lot about a person?

Although you and I are not masters of psychology, but master some skills, you can also see other people’s mind.
1.Smile when she/he is talking
When you talk to someone like this, you will feel very relaxed and happy. Most of them are cheerful, never harsh to life. They always believe that one who is contented will be happy. They are very popular and like a peaceful life.

2.Think with their with their chin in their hands

They are usually energetic, very talkative, and like to drill “ox horn point”. They are picky about their career and working environment. If it is something they like to do, they will work hard at any cost. They have a strong service spirit and hate wrong things. When working, They will be disgusted with their lax partners.

3. Shake their legs and feet

People who like to shake their legs with their feet or toes are usually selfishness, and they seldom consider others. They do everything from self-interest, being stingy to others, but satisfied with themselves. But they are very good at thinking, who can often ask some unexpected questions.

4. Pat on the head

It is a sign of remorse and self condemnation. This kind of person is harsh to people, but also has a pioneering spirit to the cause. They are generally straightforward, sincere, compassionate, willing to help others, but can not keep secrets.

5. Fiddling with accessories

This kind of person are generally more introverted. It is not easy for them to express their feelings. Another characteristic of them is that they do things conscientiously and steadfastly. When there are symposiums, parties or dances, other people are scattered, but they are the ones who clean up the meeting room in the end.

6. Shrug their shoulders

This kind of action of shrugging and spreading hands means that they don’t care. Most of them are enthusiastic, sincere and imaginative. They can create and enjoy life. Their greatest happiness is to live in a harmonious and comfortable environment.

7. Wipe their mouths and pinch their noses

People who get used to wiping their mouths and pinching their noses like to tease others, but they dare not admit what they have done, and like to make a fuss. This kind of person is ultimately dominated by others. They will do whatever others want them to do. They often can’t make up his mind when shopping.

8. Always bow their heads

Such people are very cautious. They hate things that are too intense and frivolous. They are diligent and prudent in making friends.

9. Cross wrists

They keep a unique view of things and often give people a feeling of indifference. They belong to the vulnerable type and have a little bit of egoism.

10. Touch their hair

This is an emotional, often depressed and anxious character. Very sensitive to fashion, but sometimes cold and sometimes hot to people.

11.Hand on the mouth

This kind of people belongs to the sensitive type, and is the Secret Doctrine. These people are cold on the surface, but gentle in the heart.

12. Arm crossed

They are conservative and irrational people and likely to suffer losses because they do not refuse other people’s demands.

13. Lean on something

They have cold character, sense of responsibility and toughness, who are likely to struggle alone.

14. Look around

 They are optimists Like and social person. They have adaptability, and they are interested in everything and have obviously different feelings towards different people.

15. Wag the head

This kind of person is so confident that they are so arrogant. They are good at expressing themselves in social occasions, and their indomitable spirit is often praised by people.

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