What one thing makes someone a very mature person?

1.Start to understand others
Understand that not everything can be measured by right and wrong, people from different positions will have different ideas. Even if you don’t agree with others, you can understand and respect other people’s choices, such as living habits, sexuality, aesthetic standards, and social concepts.
When I was watching TV series, a mother couldn’t accept the fact that she had lost her little daughter. She chose to leave her husband and son because whenever she saw them, she would think of her beloved little daughter. Many people, especially some young people, criticized her for abandoning her son, who also needed maternal love. I don’t agree with this mother’s behavior, but I can understand her. At that time, she had mental illness and could not help but lose her temper at her husband and son. She is just an ordinary person who wants to escape the pain.

2.Stop complaining and learn to be grateful
In the past, I was always dissatisfied with my life, always complaining about why I had such a miserable life, why I didn’t have other people’s things, why I was always a little worse than others’ good-looking appearance and perfect height.
Now I don’t care that much. Maybe I’m living a life that other people dream of. Things that other people have may not be my necessities. Don’t be too jealous of what others have achieved. Think about what you want to do. With a diverse aesthetic, everyone is unique.

3.Value your own opinions
You are the most important person in your life. In any relationship, you are always the protagonist. The people you can’t get are only sent by heaven to exercise you. Turn the idea of doing things for others into your responsibility to do so. Focus your energy on yourself, and you’ll be efficient in doing things.

4.No longer want to take care of all people and things at once, learn to focus.

5.Gradually learn to focus on their own track, not in other people’s home competition.
Choose what you are good at and like and do it well.
Sometimes there is a lack of motivation, in fact, because you do not recognize this matter in your heart.

6.Have independent thinking
Instead of being coerced by mainstream thoughts, ask why. Things that everybody does are not always right. Traditionally, men and women must get married and have children, but now we understand that not all people have to go through these steps, and making your own life comfortable is the most important thing.

7.Understand that no matter what you choose, you will have regrets
No longer blame yourself for not making another choice. Calm down and tell yourself that it’s never too late to start over again.

Wish everyone could find peace in your heart.

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